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At Think Up, we love to learn—and we’ll jump at any opportunity to talk about what we’re learning! So, a few of our Thinkers are sharing some insights around the topics they simply can’t learn enough about lately. Take a look below to see the courses, books, and articles we’d recommend and a little bit about why we’re enjoying them!


Excel PivotTables: Mastering PivotTables and PivotCharts on LinkedIn Learning

I’ve enjoyed learning how to use Excel to structure, analyze, and design information. I read an article a few months ago about finding purpose in chaos. PivotTables have helped me make sense of chaotic, seemingly disparate numerical data.



Brave New Work by Aaron Dignan

My favorite books are the ones that turn my thinking on its head and open me up to different possibilities—this one does both. This year more than ever has shown us that living and working in an increasingly complex world is REALLY hard. In this book, Aaron makes a case for “evolutionary organizations” that are based on the principles of “people positive” and “complexity conscious.” At Think Up we are lucky enough to get to work on a lot of complex challenges involving people, and this book has definitely served as a tool to help me think differently about those challenges. Quite honestly, it never leaves my side and I end up referencing it in multiple meetings throughout the day. There’s that much good stuff in it!



Brain-Based eLearning Design on LinkedIn Learning

I loved how they explained the science behind learning but then quickly showed how to apply it when designing learning. There were a lot of relevant examples of application.



Stories That Stick by Kindra Hall

Studies show that our brains are more likely to remember a story than simply facts or data. What I’m loving about this book is that it starts by explaining why stories are so “sticky,” and then gets into tactically how to tell effective stories that your audiences will remember!



Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging For Leaders and Managers on LinkedIn Learning

Earlier this year, I found a course called Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging on Linkedin Learning. That course set fire to the idea of studying equity, inclusion, and belonging. I started taking as many courses as I could to learn more about this topic—and soon discovered these courses were part of a Linkedin Learning path focused on DEI. I was excited to learn more and to complete the seven courses in the path. As someone that hasn’t always felt included or had a sense of belonging, I want to learn how to ensure people and organizations recognize their own biases and appreciate the differences of others.



Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor by Layla Saad

A highly introspective 28-day personal journaling exercise that is helping me understand my white privilege and participation in white supremacy so that I can stop (often unconsciously) inflicting damage on People of Color and, in turn, help other white people do better too.



The Beginner’s Guide to After Effects and Animating Illustrations Using the Puppet Tool on Skillshare

I’ve been teaching myself how to use Adobe Fresco and Adobe After Effects so I can create illustrations and then animate them in subtle ways to bring them to life. I’ve also looked into different illustration styles and techniques and have practiced creating a few things of my own. It’s been fun and rewarding to create something for fun and learn something new!



Empathy – An Independent Study

Anything with empathy in the title, I have to read, listen, or watch. It’s interesting to read back through older articles that I’ve seen before, and giving it new light in the world we live in now. Some of my favorites include: Empathy: Why It Matters, and How to Get It by Roman Krznaric, Compassion and the True Meaning of Empathy, Empathy on the Edge, and Empathy Starts with Curiosity


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