concept choreographer

Production Coordinator

With his careful attention to detail, our “concept choreographer” brings a unique perspective to every project he touches. Working as a liaison between vendors and the internal team to secure deliverables, Brandon’s personality trait of being extremely particular translates to the preciseness and excellence he expects and delivers in all that he does. With an affinity for travel, Brandon has three favorite places to visit, each for its own specific reason; he says Charleston feeds his soul, New York City excites him, and Hilton Head relaxes him. Brandon worked in television for eight and a half years, in ministry at a large local church for four years, and had a brief stint in IT before landing at Think Up.

Besides the point....

  • When he’s not hiking or cooking, he takes time to kick back and relax with some Shonda-land TV (bring on the Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal)!
  • Brandon is a huge Garth Brooks fan, and has been since he was a child. He likes Garth because he is hugely successful while still putting his family first.
  • If he could have a super power, Brandon would be a mind reader.