Brandon Lybrand: Working at Think Up Consulting


concept choreographer

Office Manager

With careful attention to detail, our “concept choreographer” brings a unique perspective to every project he touches. Whether he’s supporting eLearning development or working as a liaison between vendors and the internal team to secure deliverables, Brandon’s personality trait of being extremely particular translates to the preciseness and excellence he expects and delivers in all that he does. Brandon loves bringing concepts and products to life, especially for large events, and touches every single print piece before it goes out our door. With an affinity for travel, Brandon has three favorite places to visit, each for its own specific reason: Charleston feeds his soul, New York City excites him, and Hilton Head relaxes him. Brandon worked in television for eight and a half years, in ministry at a large local church for four years, and had a brief stint in IT before landing at Think Up.

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