Kaitey Dages: Working at Think Up Consulting


lucky charm

Associate Consultant

Hungry for knowledge and always on the lookout for the newest innovation or the latest industry buzz, Kaitey is perpetually in search of ways to use what she learns to improve the world around her. Our “lucky charm” tackles each project with enthusiasm and a “how can we do this better?” mindset. Kaitey graduated from Notre Dame and considers her years there as not only the fulfilment of her childhood dream, but also a tremendous privilege that shaped who she is today. While there, she earned her degree in Management Consulting and minored in Public Policy. Kaitey has worked for both large global companies and start-ups, but her favorite work experience was interning at Parliament where she worked for the Secretary of State for Scotland. A hard worker by nature and a problem-solver at heart, Kaitey is the ideal fit for our Consulting squad.

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