How We Contribute: A Conversation With Marie Potter

Dissatisfaction and discontent are plaguing the world of work—we see it everywhere we turn in statistics on burnout, mental health challenges, and employee well-being. But what if our well-being, satisfaction, and motivation come from something more than the perfect work/life balance, fancy fringe benefits, or a defined career ladder? One of our favorite HR thought […]

PM Playlist: Songs to Help You Manage Any Project

We’re here with an emotional salve in the form of music to carry you through each phase of your project journey.

Tips For Video Learning

When done right, video can be an incredibly effective learning tool. At Think Up, we produce video learning that is effective, engaging, and results oriented.

When Community Creates Opportunity

As experts on culture, we understand the importance of building community. Having a shared space to connect on experiences and topics can bring many positive outcomes into people’s lives.

Boost Virtual Engagement with Whiteboard Apps

Virtual learning is here to stay as more and more organizations embrace remote work as a part of their model. One tool to consider adding to your learning toolbox is a whiteboard app.

Virtual Events Q&A With Emelyn Shabel

From intimate leadership retreats to multi-day conferences for thousands of attendees, and from massive in-person celebrations to engaging virtual experiences, Emelyn has the knowledge and vision to design and execute next-level events.

Creating An Inclusive Environment for LGBTQ+ Employees

We want to share a few tips on fostering more inclusivity in your organization for your LGBTQ+ employees, by taking a critical look at some common workplace practices.

A Conversation with Rochelle Williams

At a recent Noonovate, we had the pleasure of hearing from Rochelle Williams, Executive Director of the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities Foundation.

A Conversation with Nathan Brown, Founder and President of Kiona Technologies

What do big data, storytelling, and carbon footprints have in common? They were all topics of our fascinating conversation with Nathan Brown, Founder and President of Kiona Technologies, during a recent Noonovate

Takeaways From the 2022 Living Color DEI Conference

Here are a few key takeaways from Brandon, Jaime, Michael, and Kelseigh.