Thinker Spotlight: Jaime’s DEI Journey

The Think Up team is proud to announce that our Notion Navigator, Jaime Snelgrove, recently earned a Leading Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion certification from Northwestern University. During the program, Jaime learned lessons that would impact her personal and professional life, from the communication principles of Dr. Martin Luther to the elements of courageous leadership. After the program, there was one quote from comedian Michael Jr. that stuck with Jaime: “What is your ‘why’? When you know your ‘why,’ your ‘what’ has more impact because you’re walking in or towards your purpose.” Reflecting on this quote is meant to push the listener to align their profession with their purpose. As someone who has changed professions and industries multiple times throughout her life, this quote motivated Jaime to look back on her own DEI journey to really understand her own “why.”  



My earliest memories include watching my mother serve our community by volunteering as a massage therapist at the local hospital. Her work instilled in me a desire to help others and, before joining Think Up, I pursued these passions by working in fitness, massage therapy, and holistic health. These experiences taught me that healing requires the acknowledgment of both the mind and the environment.  The more I engaged with my clients, the more I learned the impact of sociological inequities on health and the importance of empathy.



When I joined the Think Up team in 2012, my experience gave me a unique ability to connect with clients and fellow Thinkers. The final catalyst that pushed me to explore the DEI field, however, once again comes back to my mother… as well as the events surrounding the unexpected and unrelenting pandemic. Between the catastrophic social injustices and its burgeoning demands for change, I noticed my mother, who is hard-of-hearing, struggle to navigate the new world. From masks to a general lack of accessibility, I realized that levelling these inequities required more people to make intentional decisions that are inclusive of all people.



I have cultivated a tremendous synergy with DEI and the work we already do at Think Up. Within our work, we strive to foster emotional connections and broaden skills and knowledge to drive behavior, change, and business results. My passion and knowledge has helped both Think Up and our clients identify opportunities to embed DEI into all aspects of work. I am excited to see impact of all the amazing work we do.


Take a moment to celebrate a few of Jaime’s accomplishments with us:





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