When Community Creates Opportunity

As experts on culture, we understand the importance of building community. Having a shared space to connect on experiences and topics can bring many positive outcomes into people’s lives.

Creating An Inclusive Environment for LGBTQ+ Employees

We want to share a few tips on fostering more inclusivity in your organization for your LGBTQ+ employees, by taking a critical look at some common workplace practices.

Takeaways From the 2022 Living Color DEI Conference

Here are a few key takeaways from Brandon, Jaime, Michael, and Kelseigh.

Start Where You Are: The History & Future of Nicholtown

This Black History Month, we decided to start here in Greenville, South Carolina and learn about the historically Black community right down the street from our Think Up office, Nicholtown.

Thinker Spotlight: Jaime’s DEI Journey

The Think Up team is proud to announce that our Notion Navigator, Jaime Snelgrove, recently earned a Leading Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion certification from Northwestern University.

Honoring Black History Month

Black History Month honors those who struggle(d) through adversity in order to realize change in their local communities and beyond. It is an opportunity to recognize the dynamic contributions of Black Americans to the beautiful and diverse fabric of our civilization.

Embracing & Celebrating Diversity Dimensions: The Iceberg Illustration

Welcome back to another October is Global Diversity Month—a time set aside to learn, recognize, and celebrate the diversity dimensions and identities in ourselves and others.

Inclusive Interactions

Both visible and invisible disabilities affect the way people approach their work. In honor of National Disability Independence Day, we’ve curated a few practical tips that have helped our team become more effective partners at work.

A Point of Pride: A Conversation With Rodney Tow About Michelin’s LGBT& Allies BRG

We sat down with Rodney Tow, Services Operations Manager, Michelin Fleet Solutions, who has played a pivotal role in the formation & growth of the group, to hear about his experience and advice to other companies considering establishing LGBT-focused BRGs.

Thinker Spotlight: Colleen, Jaime, and Kristyn Complete DEI in The Workplace Certification

Recently, three of our Thinkers, Colleen LaHaise, Jaime Snelgrove, and Kristyn Dees, completed the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace certification through the University of South Florida’s Muma College of Business.