How We Contribute: A Conversation With Marie Potter

Dissatisfaction and discontent are plaguing the world of work—we see it everywhere we turn in statistics on burnout, mental health challenges, and employee well-being. But what if our well-being, satisfaction, and motivation come from something more than the perfect work/life balance, fancy fringe benefits, or a defined career ladder? One of our favorite HR thought […]

A Conversation with Rochelle Williams

At a recent Noonovate, we had the pleasure of hearing from Rochelle Williams, Executive Director of the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities Foundation.

A Conversation with Nathan Brown, Founder and President of Kiona Technologies

What do big data, storytelling, and carbon footprints have in common? They were all topics of our fascinating conversation with Nathan Brown, Founder and President of Kiona Technologies, during a recent Noonovate

A Conversation with Preston Madill

His enthusiasm for inspiring and engaging his team resonated with us—and we were excited to hear more about how he brings his ideas to life.


Welcome back to another installment of our “Conversations” series. This time, we had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Bailey Nevels, licensed psychologist, Coordinator of Psychological Health Services for Student-Athletes at Clemson University, and wife of our very own Alex Nevels!

A 2-Part Conversation with SCBIO’s Erin Ford – Part 2

When we left off, Erin had shared about the strategic focus on developing top talent in South Carolina’s life sciences industry and attracting companies in the field to put down roots in our state.

A 2-Part Conversation with SCBIO’s Erin Ford – Part 1

Recently, we were delighted to connect with Erin Ford, Interim CEO of SCBIO, a not-for-profit life sciences industry association dedicated to actively promote, build, support, expand, and convene South Carolina’s life sciences industry.

Pulling Back the Curtain: A Conversation with Mike Sablone of The Warehouse Theatre

In our fifth installment of the “Conversations” series, we sat down with Mike Sablone, the Producing Artistic Director at The Warehouse Theatre in Greenville, SC to understand how he shapes creative works and challenges audiences.

A Conversation with Dan Pelosi “GrossyPelosi”

This installment of our “Conversations” series might leave you hungry. You’ve been warned!

A Conversation with Lindsey Breitwieser: Yoga Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

There are few things we love more than an opportunity to question conventional thinking and challenge ourselves to do something differently than everyone else.