A Point of Pride: TUC Celebrates Upstate SC LGBT+ Chamber Launch

June is Pride Month and this year marks the 51st anniversary of celebrating Pride traditions to recognize the impact LGBTQ+ individuals have had in the world and honor the Stonewall Rebellion, a pivotal moment in launching the movement to outlaw discriminatory practices against LGBTQ people. LGBTQ+ equality is one of the causes that is close to our hearts, and we’re excited to take some time this month to highlight how several local organizations are offering their support and advocacy—the first of which is the Upstate SC LGBT+ Chamber.

Think Up Consulting is proud to be a Founding Member of the Upstate SC LGBT+ Chamber, which launched last month and is currently accepting applications for LGBT+ allies, professionals, and business owners in the Upstate. The group is South Carolina’s first affiliate of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce and fills a gap that traditional chambers often neglect. The LGBT+ chamber aims to provide members with access to resources, training, professional development, mentorship, and networking opportunities while advocating for economic equality. “We believe that diversity is really powerful and being able to embrace and give voice to that diversity is not only good for our [LGBT] community but the community at large,” said Nathan Brown, President of the Upstate SC LGBT+ Chamber. “There’s huge economic potential here for all of us.”

Interested in joining the Upstate SC LGBT+ Chamber and diversity-focused individuals, companies, and allies? Click here to learn more.


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