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Chef Training Employees from Think Up Consulting


Using findings from consumer insights, our client chose to radically redesign a major, industry-established product offering. This would require a shift in understanding for the consumer, as well as significant process changes for each of their units—staffing, products, and more.

The client wasn’t exactly sure what they needed—possibly some training and communication, they thought—but they trusted us to design the launch. They warned us it wouldn’t be an easy journey—so much was undefined. Little did they know, that’s exactly the kind of challenge that gets us fired up.


Working off a prototype of the new concept meant there were many unknowns, so we started at the very beginning. Our first task was to determine the impact of launching the new program. We worked alongside the client team to document those changes and develop a comprehensive change management plan supported by strategic communications and a strategy for training thousands of employees at all levels. Once we defined performance objectives and responsibilities for all roles, we designed a process flow inclusive of the customers’ perspective, all the way through to execution—including communication, ordering, production process, and improved hand-off between roles. Alongside this, we developed customer-facing messaging.

Next up: training. We designed and developed learning by role in the form of a flexible training curriculum and an engaging facilitator-led experience with tools and resources to prepare team members to implement the new concept. An implementation guide and a training matrix by role were developed to accompany 14 individual learning modules.

Working alongside a client, their project teams, and pilot units through every step of implementing a new offering, we were able to help them launch a sustainable and profitable solution that meets the needs of their evolving customer.

  • Analysis of impact, roles & responsibilities
  • Analysis of existing training
  • Process flow and communication
  • Training matrix for all roles & responsibilities
  • Change management strategy
  • Implementation guide and communication
  • Program launch guidance


  • 14 facilitator-led training modules
  • 9 different role-specific learning paths
  • 37 hours of learning content
  • 426 units activated the training