vivacious visionary


Strategic thinking, meticulous planning, and organizational skills are hallmark traits Seema brings to the team. Our “vivacious visionaryloves to explore innovative ways to integrate technological tools to streamline the planning process and get work done more efficiently. A native of Greenville, Seema earned her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Miami University in Ohio. She went on to open and operate her own event venue, Carnahan Hall, in Lafayette, IN and worked as a freelance event coordinator specializing in Artist Relations and Hospitality. Her 10+ years of experience in event project management, planning and executing corporate events, concerts, festivals, and cultural events for thousands of attendees around the globe brings immeasurable talent to our team and our clients. When not at the office, Seema can be found enjoying time with her diverse Filipino and Indian family, posting Instagram stories featuring her adorable dog Chewie (#darealchewie), planning trips to assist with events, and participating in Bike Polo matches. Seema’s positive and upbeat approach to life and work lifts the spirits of everyone around her. 

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