Sara Davis

nimble coordinator

Assoicate Consultant

As a creative soul with a knack for strategic planning, it’s no mystery as to why Sara fits in so well with the Think Up team. Dubbed the “nimble coordinator,” Sara is responsible for managing client projects from kickoff to completion. She consistently works to keep everyone on task and within budget, while utilizing her creativity and critical thinking to assist with and contribute to product development. She firmly believes that “pressure is a gift” and her perseverance mentality shines through in everything she does both at work and in her personal life. When Sara isn’t at Think Up, you’ll probably find her practicing with the Charlotte Rugby Football Club, traveling, or reading a good book. Born and raised in Travelers Rest, SC, her penchant for travel often takes her to new places and fuels her desire to learn more about the world around her.

Besides the point....

  • If left to her own devices, she could probably eat her weight in Palmetto jalapeno pimento cheese.
  • It is impossible for her to be late to anything. She can intend to be late somewhere and still show up 10 minutes early.
  • She has a tattoo of an elephant with a carpet draped over its back and a dragonfly on it. It’s a tribute to her grandmothers who were a huge part of her life and best friends when they were alive.
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