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Beyond the Buzzword: Wellness as a Culture Catalyst

Employee wellness programs have often been touted as a powerful tool to improve employee health, productivity, and absenteeism while generating savings on healthcare costs. While companies may view this as just another box to check, when a program is prioritized and well-designed, it can become a catalyst for a thriving workplace culture and stronger performance.

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Virtual Solutions: How to Do Them Right.

For many organizations, the virtual space is new territory. As experts in learning, meetings, and events—both live and virtual—we’ve compiled answers to some common questions from clients about ways to best leverage virtual solutions.

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What We’re Learning

Learning is a huge part of our DNA. We asked our Thinkers what they’ve been learning about lately and have gathered some highlights to share!

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Vulnerability Spurs Innovation

Being vulnerable might be the key to tapping into the center of your creativity and uncovering new ideas. Embracing vulnerability enables you to dig deep and uncover truly original thinking.

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Strengthen Your Adaptability As a Leader

Adaptable leaders, those who can anticipate and even embrace change, are often better equipped to carry their organizations through internal and external change, such as a merger, a shifting marketplace—or our current situation, a pandemic.

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The Top 5 Ways to Operationalize Change

Organizational changes are always difficult, but especially during a time when change seems so constant. As companies make necessary changes, it’s important to ensure that team members are equipped with the tools they need to make new initiatives and policies successful.

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Working Through Challenges: The Data Says You’re Not Alone

This study has us thinking about how we’ve been problem-solving and rapidly building customized solutions to meet unique needs brought about by these abnormal times. We thought we’d share a few interesting highlights from the SHRM research while giving you a glimpse of how we’re helping clients navigate a new way forward.

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Why We Value Culture

Culture is the only sustainable differentiator for any organization. Strategies, products, and processes can be copied, but culture cannot be replicated.

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Microsoft Teams

Think Up Enhances Teamwork & Safety with Microsoft Teams

Our transition to Microsoft Teams last year has helped our team of Thinkers smoothly shift to an all-remote workforce as we keep pace with work amid a pandemic. Thanks to the platform, we can easily communicate, actively collaborate, and keep our culture thriving, all at a safe distance.

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