endeavor energizer


A proud TarHeel and University of North Carolina graduate, Karri is a seasoned professional in client relations and project management. With a passion for excellence, our “endeavor energizer” provides unwavering support to our web of Think Up thinkers in all areas, from creative brainstorming, to project coordination, to innovative messaging. We love her propensity for asking thoughtful questions that become the catalysts for innovation and her ability to analyze and offer solutions for challenges of every shape and size. Whether clients are developing strategies while flying at 30,000 feet or are in the trenches working through the nitty-gritty details, Karri brings the brain power, skills, and upbeat approach to ensure we deliver the perfect solution. With her seemingly endless energy and quick wit, Karri ensures the work gets done and a few laughs are had in the process.

Besides the point....

  • Under Pressure by Queen is the theme song for Karri’s terrier mix, Lizzard, who has “pep in her step”
  • If she had an extra hour, she’d go paint a wall somewhere. Karri loves color – her kitchen is dill-pickle-green.
  • Guilty pleasure: any and all episodes of Friends
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