glue stick

Executive Assistant

As her title suggests, Juliet, our “glue stick,” holds things together around the office. In addition to assisting Ron, our “creator of WOW,” Juliet works hard to make life easier for every Thinker. After earning a degree from Bob Jones University in Journalism and Mass Communication, Juliet gained experience in customer service, administration, marketing, and event planning. Her diverse array of skills, flexible and resilient personality, and enthusiastic attitude help her stay organized and think on her feet while ensuring we never skip a beat.

Besides the point....

  • If she could have dinner with someone famous, Juliet would choose Tina Fey, because her work ethic and humor are wildly inspiring.
  • Her hometown is here in Greenville, but her favorite travel destination is the Dominican Republic—it’s where she went on her honeymoon!
  • A Tale of Star-Crossed Lovers: Juliet’s husband’s middle name is Romeo.
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