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With her affinity for vintage clothing, Jeopardy, and Super Heroes (yes, Super Heroes), Jaime is truly one of a kind. Juggling numerous priorities and keeping projects running smoothly just comes naturally to Jaime, project manager extraordinaire. She packs a diverse bag of tricks from her former life in the Spa, Fitness, and Marketing industries. Recently, one of Jaime’s coworkers affectionately referred to her as a “kitchen counter – you can load her up with a ton of stuff and she can handle it all.” Her contagious enthusiasm, go-get-‘em attitude, and passionate pursuit of excellence makes her a natural fit for our Consulting Squad. On any given day, you might find Jaime busting a move in the hallway, tossing around random movie quotes, color-coding her Outlook calendar, or scouring event blogs for the next big thing.

Besides the point....

  • A Jersey girl by birth, Jaime’s a Carolina girl by marriage
  • Jaime’s favorite ride at Disney World is The Carousel of Progress
  • Jaime and her husband are the proud parents of their son Sylar and furbaby Lily, a French Bulldog