pixel wielder

Graphic Designer

A talented designer with a penchant for all things whimsical, our “pixel wielder” expertly transforms ideas into tangible solutions. A true artist, Izzy brings abundant creativity and captivating concepts to every project, constantly seeking opportunities to innovate and forge new paths. With a degree in Studio Art from Furman University and an MFA in Strategic Design, Izzy puts strong thinking power behind her work, yielding solutions that are as intentional as they are beautiful. Boasting a diverse range of experiences, from collaborating with small studios to Fortune 500 giants, Izzy confidently embraces any design challenge that comes her way and enjoys every opportunity to leverage her creative problem-solving to exceed expectations. An Atlanta, GA native, Izzy now calls Greenville home. When she’s not designing, Izzy loves spending time outdoors, tending to her many plants, playing board games, and hanging out with her hairless cat, Winnifred.

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