We create immersive events designed to educate and inspire audiences through compelling content, eye-catching visuals, and memorable experiences.

Inspirational Speaking Tips from Think Up


Truth: corporate conferences can be a drag. Impersonal, dull, and underwhelming, they’re often missed opportunities to inspire and galvanize audiences to align with strategic company imperatives. Our client, a global Fortune 500 hospitality company, sought to fight this stereotype by delivering an engaging, exciting, and relevant experience for over 4,000 general managers and above property attendees at their biennial conference. Plan, design, develop and execute comprehensive conference experiences for 10 unique hotel brands? That’s where we shine.


Our first step was to hold a series of “get inside your head” meetings – a Think Up specialty – to come up with a theme and determine the goals of the conference. With those locked down, our brand-aligned consulting teams spent the next several months working with each brand team to design complete conference experiences, from set design to in-session interactivity. Our speechwriting and graphics teams developed scripts and eye-catching visual presentations for 25 brand sessions and the joint 4,000-attendee session. The conference experience was enhanced for each brand with the addition of elements such as gamification within the conference app, customized videos, and experiential Brand Zones where attendees were treated to immersive experiences centered around brand initiatives and programming. To recognize nominated GMs for their outstanding accomplishments, we designed a magical Awards Gala experience for each brand, complete with awards speeches, accompanying visuals, and plenty of confetti.

We deployed multiple consulting teams and support staff/people to bring the event to life onsite. From coordinating production, to overseeing setup, to coaching speakers in rehearsals, we ensured each session was executed flawlessly so our clients could focus on enjoying time with their team & GMs at the conference.

Nothing says “mission accomplished” like a return client. We’ve proudly provided content and experience design on this massive event four conferences running, continuing to enhance and evolve experiences with dynamic virtual reality technology, innovative design, and, most importantly, an ever-present critical focus on aligning to our client’s strategic business goals.

  • Attendee Experience Design
  • Project Management
  • Script Development
  • Visual Presentations
  • Video Production
  • Awards Speeches
  • Talent Management
  • Brand Zone Design
  • Workshop Development & Execution
  • Onsite Deployment


  • 10 brands
  • 4,000 attendees
  • 7 stage designs
  • 35 hours of content developed
  • 122 presenters, hosts, and talent managed