Emelyn Shabel: Working at Think Up Consulting


ovations architect

Senior Consultant

If “all the world is but a stage,” then we’ve got the star of the show! Emelyn has found the perfect blend of business and theater as the creative force behind the meetings and conferences we produce for our clients. She is known for her ability to design events that both engage and inspire attendees and spark behavioral change. An overachiever by nature, her B.A. with a triple major in Speech, Theater, and Journalism from the University of Richmond has helped Emelyn to land lead “roles” in brand management, learning, sales, hotel operations… and, she’s even dabbled in graphic design. Her diverse expertise lends itself to countless fields and industries. From large-scale events to multi-level training curricula—there truly isn’t a role Emelyn can’t play. Outside of work, Emelyn loves spending time with her family and cheering on her daughter, who is following in her footsteps studying Theatre Performance at Fordham University in New York City. Bravo!

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