Colleen LaHaise: Working At Think Up Consulting


solutions engineer

Human Resources & Finance Lead

In the beginning… there was Colleen. Colleen’s main focus is the day-to-day operations of all things Think Up (people, processes, finance, and culture) and leading our Core Services team. Starting as a Strategic Partner in 2003, Colleen officially became the first Thinker in 2004. Her compassion and empathy allow her to relate to everyone on both a professional and a personal level. A true part of our history, Colleen has personally onboarded every Thinker and has played an integral role in shaping Think Up into the organization it is today. Before Think Up, Colleen’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to launch a successful art gallery after an 11-year career in the hospitality industry. From her dual degree in Marketing/Management and History from Baylor University, to her hands-on experience in restaurant management, catering, and event planning, to the various hotel sales and operations positions she has held over the years, Colleen uses her experience and know-how to inspire and motivate our team to pursue excellence in everything we do.

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