Chad Richter: Working at Think Up Consulting


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Graphic Design Lead

Chad’s fascination with comic book superheroes led him to study design… and eventually, to Think Up’s door where he quickly became our own creative crusader. From logo design, to event theming, to the development of artful presentations guaranteed to wow, graphics as you know them will never be the same once Chad’s had a chance to work his magic. Chad stays ahead of the design curve and leverages his degree from Ringling College of Art and Illustration and his past experiences working for marketing firms and advertising agencies to produce striking visuals that bring a vision to life. There’s nothing Chad enjoys more than being presented with the toughest design challenge so he can thoughtfully and masterfully devise a solution—or several—that are sure to impress.  He strives to present clients with smart and creative takes on their branding and collateral design, consistently exemplifying the “envelope pushing” attitude we thrive on around our office.

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