Feedback Culture Series: Receiving Feedback

While we all know giving feedback to someone else can be a challenge, many of us could also use some guidance on how to receive it, too. We’ve boiled it down to three key things.

Feedback Culture Series: Giving Feedback that Builds Trust

An environment of truth and trust is a critical element of high-performing teams. By incorporating reinforcing feedback into your culture, you’ve already laid the foundation for team members to feel safe and know that everyone has one another’s best interest in mind.

A Heart for Hospitality: How a Hospitality Mindset Creates Better Solutions

We define hospitality as a welcoming approach to service that is motivated by compassion, generosity, and a desire to help others.

Beyond the Buzzword: Wellness as a Culture Catalyst

Employee wellness programs have often been touted as a powerful tool to improve employee health, productivity, and absenteeism while generating savings on healthcare costs. While companies may view this as just another box to check, when a program is prioritized and well-designed, it can become a catalyst for a thriving workplace culture and stronger performance.

The Road to Meaningful Change with a DEI-Driven Culture

The key to sustainable diversity, equity, & inclusion efforts is cultural management. An organization must be DEI-driven at all levels and focused on a holistic and human-centered approach.

A Conversation with Sarah Leugemors Allan & Morgan Reynolds: Lessons In Learning From College Professors

The second installment of our “A Conversation With” series features two Thinkers who have doubled as college professors.

The Art of Consulting: You May Not Always Get What You Ask For

Sometimes clients come to us with a solution already in mind: a training program, a job aid, an internal marketing effort. But we often find what they really need is something else: a new strategy, an evolved process, more focus on culture.

Feedback Culture Series: The Magic of Reinforcing Feedback

Culture of Feedback

Giving feedback to your team members doesn’t have to be scary. In this kick-off to a new series around feedback culture, we talk about how giving reinforcing feedback is vital for successful teams.

Working Through Challenges: The Data Says You’re Not Alone

This study has us thinking about how we’ve been problem-solving and rapidly building customized solutions to meet unique needs brought about by these abnormal times. We thought we’d share a few interesting highlights from the SHRM research while giving you a glimpse of how we’re helping clients navigate a new way forward.

Straddling Remote & Office Work: A Hybrid Approach

Remote Working

As organizations grapple with when and how to bring team members back into the office safely, they’re relying on flexible and mobile working arrangements that meet both organizational and employee needs.