Change Your Approach to Resolutions with Change Management

For many, a new year signals new habits—an opportunity to refocus on personal goals with the intent to create a lasting impact.

Pulling Back the Curtain: A Conversation with Mike Sablone of The Warehouse Theatre

In our fifth installment of the “Conversations” series, we sat down with Mike Sablone, the Producing Artistic Director at The Warehouse Theatre in Greenville, SC to understand how he shapes creative works and challenges audiences.

Beyond the Buzzword: Wellness as a Culture Catalyst

Employee wellness programs have often been touted as a powerful tool to improve employee health, productivity, and absenteeism while generating savings on healthcare costs. While companies may view this as just another box to check, when a program is prioritized and well-designed, it can become a catalyst for a thriving workplace culture and stronger performance.

The Road to Meaningful Change with a DEI-Driven Culture

The key to sustainable diversity, equity, & inclusion efforts is cultural management. An organization must be DEI-driven at all levels and focused on a holistic and human-centered approach.

The Art of Consulting: You May Not Always Get What You Ask For

Sometimes clients come to us with a solution already in mind: a training program, a job aid, an internal marketing effort. But we often find what they really need is something else: a new strategy, an evolved process, more focus on culture.

Strengthen Your Adaptability As a Leader

Adaptable leaders, those who can anticipate and even embrace change, are often better equipped to carry their organizations through internal and external change, such as a merger, a shifting marketplace—or our current situation, a pandemic.

The Top 5 Ways to Operationalize Change

Organizational changes are always difficult, but especially during a time when change seems so constant. As companies make necessary changes, it’s important to ensure that team members are equipped with the tools they need to make new initiatives and policies successful.

How Well Do You Promote Empathy As a Leader?

While it’s impossible for leaders to empathize with every single employee, there are ways to foster empathy throughout an organization.

My Top 4 Takeaways From NGLCC’s XLR8 Program

Our Champion of Opportunities, Michael Allard, recently attended the NGLCC XLR8 Capacity Development Program and took a moment to share a few of his favorite takeaways for leaders.

Leading with Decency in a Time of Crisis

Think Up Team

Understanding the mindset of the team & leading with decency empower leaders to make balanced decisions.