A 2-Part Conversation with SCBIO’s Erin Ford – Part 2

When we left off, Erin had shared about the strategic focus on developing top talent in South Carolina’s life sciences industry and attracting companies in the field to put down roots in our state.

A 2-Part Conversation with SCBIO’s Erin Ford – Part 1

Recently, we were delighted to connect with Erin Ford, Interim CEO of SCBIO, a not-for-profit life sciences industry association dedicated to actively promote, build, support, expand, and convene South Carolina’s life sciences industry.

A Conversation with Lindsey Breitwieser: Yoga Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

There are few things we love more than an opportunity to question conventional thinking and challenge ourselves to do something differently than everyone else.

Virtual Solutions: How to Do Them Right.

For many organizations, the virtual space is new territory. As experts in learning, meetings, and events—both live and virtual—we’ve compiled answers to some common questions from clients about ways to best leverage virtual solutions.

A Conversation With Chris George: Cocktails, a Damn Good Burger, and a Dog Named Margaret.

Our new series brings in outside thinking from various industries with the goal of learning from different perspectives and uncovering fresh ways of doing things. In this first installment, Chris George, co-owner of Bar Margaret, shares some creative “swivels” his team has made over the past months to adapt to unexpected challenges.

Vulnerability Spurs Innovation

Being vulnerable might be the key to tapping into the center of your creativity and uncovering new ideas. Embracing vulnerability enables you to dig deep and uncover truly original thinking.