Feedback Culture Series: Giving Feedback that Builds Trust

An environment of truth and trust is a critical element of high-performing teams. By incorporating reinforcing feedback into your culture, you’ve already laid the foundation for team members to feel safe and know that everyone has one another’s best interest in mind.

Feedback Culture Series: The Magic of Reinforcing Feedback

Culture of Feedback

Giving feedback to your team members doesn’t have to be scary. In this kick-off to a new series around feedback culture, we talk about how giving reinforcing feedback is vital for successful teams.

Motivating Behaviors (Why We Value Culture Part 2)

So, your company has a solid foundation of clearly defined values. How do you turn that into a strong culture?

Why We Value Culture

Culture is the only sustainable differentiator for any organization. Strategies, products, and processes can be copied, but culture cannot be replicated.