We design dynamic tools and training that inspire team members to embrace and embody the brand’s key messages in fulfillment of the brand promise.

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What happens when an established brand finds itself in a marketplace filled with competitors who are mirroring its products and services? That brand must find ways to soar above the “sea of sameness” and combat saturation in the market. How? By focusing on the customer experience and ways to bring the brand promise to life at critical touchpoints.

Our client sought our help with developing messaging for their national sales conference that would highlight the organization’s competitive advantages. The desired result: all team members would deliver a consistent, on-brand sales experience.


Solving our clients’ biggest challenges usually involves a team of Thinkers enthusiastically rolling up our sleeves and asking questions to dive deeper. Sometimes, that process helps a client uncover additional needs. And so, this became a tale of two phases.


Early meetings with Sales and Marketing executives focused on crafting messaging for the national sales conference to unite team members around the importance of their role in the customer’s experience.

Through further discovery meetings, we identified an opportunity to clearly define the desired customer experience, the roles team members play in that experience, and the tools and resources to help them execute.

And thus, the Customer Experience Map was born: a tool to convey the customer mindset throughout each phase of the buying process and identify the critical touchpoints to deliver the brand promise. The various touchpoints on the map are supported by linked sales tools and resources.

This map was unveiled at the national sales conference, along with infographics and custom videos outlining the desired behaviors for the sales and operations teams.


Several months later, as the client was gearing up for another annual event, they asked us to develop a 90-minute breakout session for unit and regional leaders to reinforce the customer journey and gain further alignment with the brand promise.

Our solution provided an interactive experience for those attending the event, but also provided them with a turn-key solution to take back with them and use to train their teams.

We developed a hands-on game featuring verbatim quotes from customer surveys and a corresponding communication guide with agendas and discussion points. The finishing touch to this solution was an “activation kit” containing the map, game, and communication guide that was shipped to all units. This kit allowed leaders to train team members at their units to deliver a consistent experience.

  • Customer Experience Map
  • Custom videos
  • “Creating the Customer Experience” gameboard & cards
  • Customer communication guide
  • Main stage address for national conference
  • Interactive, 90-minute breakout session
  • Turn-key activation kits mailed to each business unit