The Power of Project Management

How many people do you think would embark on an adventure – an excursion, a hike through the woods, a trip to an exotic location – without any plan, timeline, preparation, or supplies? I doubt there are many takers for such a reckless endeavor. And why is that? Because we, as humans, thrive on structure […]

Maximizing Retention: The Curve of Forgetting

What was the last thing you learned? Do you remember it? We all struggle with remembering new information – and there’s a theory that explains why. Discovered by psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus, this theory states that we will begin to forget learned information over time if we do not apply effort to commit it to long-term […]

Think Up Consulting Celebrates 20 Years in Business with a TreesUpstate Partnership

Think Up Consulting (Think Up) has announced a partnership with TreesUpstate to launch a reforesting initiative in underserved communities in celebration of the firm’s 20th anniversary.

Play To Your Strengths: How to Improve Performance And Unlock Your Team’s Potential

While it may seem natural to immediately look for gaps and areas for improvement across an organization, the surprising key to maximizing team member performance is not rooted in perfecting weaknesses. Instead, it’s about encouraging team members to identify and lean into their strengths.

How We Contribute: A Conversation With Marie Potter

Dissatisfaction and discontent are plaguing the world of work—we see it everywhere we turn in statistics on burnout, mental health challenges, and employee well-being. But what if our well-being, satisfaction, and motivation come from something more than the perfect work/life balance, fancy fringe benefits, or a defined career ladder? One of our favorite HR thought […]

Exploring Unconscious Bias in Change Management

Our projects almost always involve change management. We generally understand why people resist change and how we can help them work through it. Recently, we’ve had some discussion about unconscious bias, something not always addressed in change management teachings. Unconscious bias is a term used to describe a mindset or a common way of thinking […]

PM Playlist: Songs to Help You Manage Any Project

We’re here with an emotional salve in the form of music to carry you through each phase of your project journey.

Tips For Video Learning

When done right, video can be an incredibly effective learning tool. At Think Up, we produce video learning that is effective, engaging, and results oriented.