code breaker

Associate Consultant

With swift adaptability and a knack for learning new things, our “code breaker” joined Think Up as an Associate Consultant and immediately demonstrated herself as an asset to our team with her willingness to jump in with both feet.

Beyond her deliberate attention to detail, Anderson also feels a passion for helping others. A graduate of the public health program at the University of South Carolina, she started her career working in donor development and advocacy at a local non-profit organization.

What lights her up about working at Think Up? The fact her role allows her to learn and grow each day as she works on a variety of projects.

Besides the point....

  • The super power Anderson most wants would be the ability to travel through time – so she could live in different eras each day!
  • Outside the office, she enjoys gardening at home, cooking new dishes, and trying different restaurants with her friends.
  • With her guilty pleasures of doing crossword puzzles and watching Jeopardy, Anderson lives up to her title of “code breaker” for sure!