Our Thoughts

So we’ve all experienced those times where our workload or things in our personal life have appeared overwhelming and insurmountable.  So to help you in your time of stress, we wanted to post our thoughts on how to stay motivated and relax in times of high stress:

  • Exercise and try to get as much fresh air as possible…even if it’s just going outside for five minutes and stretching. ~Annie
  • Blasting Eric Clapton: Unplugged – my all-time favorite album – while trying out a delicious new recipe for dinner!  ~ Julia
  • I go hit other women – legally because I am a Greenville Roller Derby chick!  Every Wednesday and Sunday night it is my outlet as well as my exercise. ~ Jodi
  • Wine ~ Jamie
  • I just think that this too shall pass, and always remember that there is an end in sight. ~ Emily
  • To wind down at day’s end I watch comedy shows on TV (30 Rock, Parks and Recreation are especially good), sing, or play games with the children (dominoes, trivia questions). ~ Emelyn
  • Taking 15 minute breaks to play Frisbee with my dog Ruby, laughter, focusing on the end result, and celebrating successes along the way. ~ Colleen
  • I set goals, make lots of lists, and cross off accomplished tasks and then reward myself with dark chocolate and good red wine.  ~ Karen
  • Prayer, scripture, awesome music, chocolate and looking forward to the weekend! ~ Drew
  • I shoot rubber bands over my cubicle to hit Drew. ~Matt
  • I crank up the music. ~ Judy
  • Eat too much while working, sleep too much when not working, watch movies where things blow up (Con Air is a favorite), and, cuddle a purring cat (fortunately, I have two cats who like [ok, DEMAND] to be cuddled frequently) ~ Heidi
  • I have to vent to someone (usually my husband)…and coffee, lots of coffee. ~ Jorgia
  • I try to take a few minutes every couple of hours to take a mental break and take walks around my neighborhood. ~ Kelley
  • I try to find some humor in everything. ~ Ron
  • I play with my dog, cat, two kittens, 2 hermit crabs, goldfish and beta fish.  I also relax by looking at the fish tank and watching our turtle run around. ~ Anne
  • Curl up in a fetal position…suck my thumb…and listen to Joni Mitchell. ~ Michael
  • I run or take walks before work, talk to myself a lot more than normal, pray about what’s stressing me out and bake. ~ Shannon
  • Pray and take deep breaths, and I am reminded all I can do is my best.  ~ Lindsay
  • I just pretend like everything is going to be ok and try to project an air of calm until the bad things are gone. ~ Anna

Leave a comment – how do you deal with your stress?