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Well, it’s been a fun four weeks. But all good things must come to an end…so, today’s post is the grand finale of the TUC Dog Days of Summer.

Meet Autzen, Freedom, Glory, and Gary.

Kathy and AutzenMarch 2013 221

Sports Fanatic…
The Crabtrees are HUGE Oregon Duck fans, and the Ducks play in Autzen Stadium…Hence the name Autzen.

Wake-up Call…
He makes sure I get to work on time.  Once my alarm goes off, he gently (but continually) nudges my arm until I get out of bed.  He has replaced my snooze button.

Allison, Freedom and Glory

Patriotic Pups…gloryfreedom
Freedom was a rescue and was so excited to get out of her kennel at the shelter, celebrating her escape, that her name was Freedom from the start. I got Glory a few months later and her name had to match. If there was a third, he/she would be Spirit.

Nipping at my heels…
It is very important to them that they are at my heels as often as possible, and move with me. When I am traveling, they adopt my husband and that drives him crazy.

And, just so everyone reading understands we are a P.C. office…pro cat, I would like to introduce you to Gary. The cat who thinks he’s a dog.

Alex and Garygary (2)

Cat Burglar…
Gary had a cat door once. Another cat got in one night. I awoke to him jumping off the bed in a Scar vs. Mufasa re-enactment. Gary won.

Pull a rabbit out of my…
He can make rabbits, mice, squirrels, and birds disappear – and then reappear days later…elsewhere. He’s somewhat of a magician.