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Hello! It’s week two of the TUC Dog Days of Summer and it’s time to meet Cooper, Boone, Harley, and Lionheart Lady Lilliputian. Guess which one is the purebred…

Anne and Cooper

Southern Charmer…IMG_2878 (2)
I have 2 kids at University of Alabama. My dog was born in Alabama. So of course he is named after Amari Cooper – the #1 receiver for the Alabama Crimson Tide – Roll Tide!
Shoe fetish…
I was being very careful keeping all shoes in my closet. I was getting ready to go out of town and was getting packed and had my favorite shoes out. I didn’t notice him take one when he was in the closet with me. About 30 minutes later I was sitting at my desk and he brought it to me and put it on my lap. So proud of himself. Only problem was he ate the sling back part off the shoe.

Erin, Boone and Harley

Roadblock…Harley  Boone
While Boone’s great at playing catch, his greatest talent is the innate ability to position himself between you and any direction you decide to walk.
Twist and shout…
When he jumps off any raised surface, he twists his body (arms and legs) sideways as if to shout, “WEEEEEE!” Truly. I’m not making that up.

Jaime and Lionheart Lady Lilliputian…or, Lily for short

Name dropping…photo 1
Lily’s pedigree name is Lionheart Lady Lilliputian. “Lionheart” is the name of the breeder, “lady” just to be fancy and “Lilliputian” after Gulliver’s Travels because Lily was the “runt” in her litter.

Her favorite toy is a squeaky duck which she will carry around in her mouth, take on walks with her, sleep with, and will even tuck it under her like a chicken nesting an egg. Once or twice a year she likes to take the egg, put it in one of mine or Billy’s shoes and then lay across it. You can forget about wearing those shoes until her “mood” passes – she won’t let you near them.

That’s all for this week. Check back next Thursday for more adorableness. It may be the best post yet…yes, my dog Bruno will be featured. So, may be a little bit of bias in the editorial content.
In the meantime…we would love to hear about the best pet you ever had. And, we are opening up the conversation to welcome everyone—birds, fish, cats, snakes, turtles…you name it.