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Never in history has one question had the power to divide a room of people so quickly, so emphatically, so passionately as… “Are you a dog or a cat person?”


Well, if you peruse the Facebook pages and offices of Think Up Consulting, you will know we are dog people. In fact, between going back and forth between Michael and Ron’s office, Zoe “attends” more meetings than anyone in the company (picture to the right).

As we quickly approach the “dog days of summer,” I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce you to the four-legged members of the Think Up Family. Each week in June, we will share new photos and stories. Get ready for some full on cuteness.

Colleen and Ruby

image (6)

Frisbee Fanatic…
She plays Frisbee, she knows the names of all (or most) of her toys, she plays Frisbee, she jumps straight into John’s arms when asked “who’s your daddy/” and she plays Frisbee, she herds children, she plays Frisbee, she will put her toys away, and she plays Frisbee.

Stop the music…
Ruby thinks that all Christmas presents are for her (assumes each one is a Frisbee or stuffed toy).  She will lay down and stare under the Christmas tree.  As packages are opened – she is right there watching intently.  The moment she realizes it is not for her she moves on to the next person with a package.  She also HATES singing and will bark and cry if anyone belts out a tune.

Michael, Ron and Zoe


Sibling Rivalry…
We rescued Zoe from a puppy mill in Mesquite, TX.  We risked our lives to pick her up.  Once we were home we realized that she had the mange.  Her sister, Cybil, took one look at her, growled, turned and walked away & never in their entire lives together got closer than 2 feet from her.

Sisterhood of the disappearing underwear…
We always have to warn guests about keeping their underwear out of reach from Zoe (she will eat them).  She learned that lovely habit (along with others which we won’t mention) from her sister, Cybil.  Zoe always lived in her sister’s shadow.

Kristyn and Rocky


Party Pooper…
One time (again, ONE time) I interrupted nap time and told him to get off my bed. Before he jumped off, he turned around and stared me down (almost as if he was giving me the chance to change my mind). He immediately went and pooped in the middle of the kitchen floor. He’s not had an “accident” before or since… I never interrupted nap time again.


Julia and Pennypenny doodle (2)

A penny for your thoughts…
Our mini-labradoodle came with the name Penelope when we adopted her, but we pretty much exclusively call her Penny… or Doodle…. Or Doodle Bug. And she answers to all of those J

Sock it to me…
It’s cliché, but she adores Jesse’s socks and carries them from room to room, so when I do laundry, I have to make the rounds through the entire house, picking up her discarded socks.

Now that you have met a few of the members of our extended “team,” we would love to hear about your four-legged friends (or however many legs your pet has…maybe you have a fish). Share your stories and pics below.

Check back next week for more TUC Dog Days of Summer!