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Think Up helps companies improve the performance of their people through customized and creative learning and event experiences. We specialize in connecting brand strategies to the minds (and hearts) of the people within an organization to achieve real results. We don’t play in the “one size fits all” sandbox. Our innovative creations are as unique and differentiating as your organization’s identity.



Our teams of creative whizzes design, develop, and create curricula and supporting materials for instructor-led, online, and multimedia-based training. Thinking up innovative solutions that look different from client to client and project to project is just another fun day at the office for us.


With our diverse talents and backgrounds, we are virtuosos at creatively designing, branding, and producing the overall project and content for corporate events. A fierce passion for learning, combined with a dose of theatrics, is our secret formula for creating unforgettable conference experiences.


You need help implementing a bright idea, solving a specific business problem, boosting your organizational culture, or managing a project. That’s where we enter the picture. Some run away from change while others embrace it. We, of course, celebrate it. Our unique system is designed to create WOW!

what we are up to


You need help implementing a bright idea, solving a specific business problem, boosting your organizational culture and values, or managing a project. That’s where we enter the picture.

step 1: we get inside your head

During analysis we discover and listen—out loud. We look at the organizational improvements you want to make through a unique lens that focuses on strategic alignment, internal processes, and “people performance.”

step 2: we imagine the possibilities together

In design, thoughts are converted into actions. Our architect-like approach generates a product blueprint of innovative solutions and success measurements that will serve as the framework for your project.

Step 3: we bring it to life

During development, design becomes reality. Together we create the tools, resources, processes and modes of communication that deliver an energizing solution for your organization.

Step 4: we wrap it up with a bow

We have a vested interest in helping you implement lasting change. Real world testing leads to achieving desired results and a successful launch. In the end…we always deliver the extras.

Step 5: you achieve WOW! Results

Extraordinary results don’t just happen by accident. We use evaluation, measurement and compliance metrics to ensure your initiative doesn’t become the “program of the day.”


We’ve all heard great minds think alike… then again, legendary results occur by looking for solutions from different angles. Meet our thinkers- a team as diverse as the clients we serve.

Leadership Team

Ron Doney

creator of WOW

Passionate about learning and delivering innovative and unexpected solutions that help organizations achieve results, our creator of WOW thinks big and ensures our clients realize a competitive advantage. More…

Colleen LaHaise

solutions engineer

In the beginning… there was Colleen. Colleen’s main focus is the day-to-day operations of all things Think Up (people, processes, profit, and culture) and leading our Core Services team. More…

Michael Allard

champion of opportunities

As our resident style seeker, design leader, and sales & marketing guru, Michael is the epitome of all things tasteful and the driving force behind our internal identity initiatives. More…

Emelyn Pagel

ovations architect

If “all the world is but a stage,” then we’ve got the star of the show! Emelyn has found the perfect blend of business and theater as the creative force behind the large-scale meetings and conferences we produce for our clients. More…

Anne Burkard

maestro of minutiae

A number cruncher by nature, Anne leverages her love of spreadsheets along with her stellar organizational skills as our project management leader. More…

Kathy Crabtree

the pathfinder

As our resident “pathfinder”, Kathy thrives on seeking out innovative solutions to complex business problems and developing team members to their full potential. More…

Allison Farr

innovation curator

Our refreshingly original “innovation curator” helps clients realize their goals. As the leader of our Product Development team, Allison ensures the development process runs as smoothly as a well-oiled machine. More…

Jake Cheney

the creative cure

Simply put, Think Up’s “creative cure” makes things work. Enthusiastic about change and continued improvement, Jake gets fired up about transforming challenges into opportunities for better design. More…

Our Team

In order of appearance…

Jodi Rochester

organizational diva

From managing Think Up’s day-to-day, to lending her many talents to client work, to donning a hardhat to oversee our office renovation (even doing a stint laying carpet!), Jodi is the glue that holds us all together. More…

Annie Yukish

possibilities advocate

Annie has a knack for making the impossible… possible. From developing cutting-edge programs to researching learning technologies, Annie’s ability to see the big picture puts anything within her reach. More…

Kathy Carbonetti

guru of dazzle

Our guru of dazzle is known for the life she brings to her designs, and prides herself on the individual attention she gives each client. More…

Karen Swift

results catalyst

A self-professed “foodie”, Karen has been cooking up effective and dynamic solutions for clients since 2007. As our “results catalyst”, Karen truly gets a charge from leading organizations to collaborative successes. More…

Julia Schofield

artful articulator

What Julia does with the written word might just leave you speechless! Our ‘artful articulator’ brings ideas to life by connecting the verbal with the visual, the speaker with the audience, and the learner with the training. More…

Jennifer Baker

meticulous maven

From content flow to image selection to design consistency, our meticulous maven, a.k.a. Jennifer, notices every detail. Put it this way, if there is a needle in a haystack…she will find it. More…

Ronnie Marks

dot connector

Ronnie is our upbeat go-getter who’s willing to give anything a try. With a background in Accounting and Human Resources and a natural talent for managing the details, Ronnie is perfectly suited for her training support role. More…

Karri Brown

endeavor energizer

A proud TarHeel and University of North Carolina graduate, Karri is a seasoned professional in client relations and project management. Our “endeavor energizer” provides unwavering support to our web of Think Up thinkers. More…

Jaime Snelgrove

notion navigator

With her affinity for vintage clothing, Jeopardy, and Super Heroes, Jaime is one of a kind. Juggling numerous priorities and keeping projects running smoothly just comes naturally to our project manager extraordinaire. More…

Chad Richter

aesthetics amplifier

A lifelong fan of comic book superheroes, Chad is Think Up’s own creative crusader. From logos to theming to presentations, graphics as you know them will never be the same once Chad’s had a chance to work his magic. More…

Erin Wood

visual vixen

Since her childhood dream of becoming a soccer-playing magician turned out to be less lucrative than anticipated, Erin settled for the role of graphic designer & filmmaker at Think Up Consulting. A close second. More…

Ali Wall

detail harmonizer

Ali’s passion for relationships, strategy, and learning fuels her desire to create the perfect solutions for clients and makes her a natural fit on the Consulting Services squad. More…

Rachel Wood

mischievous multi-tasker

Rachel’s meticulous attention to detail, ability to learn quickly, and aptitude for taking ownership perfectly position her for her role as a training support specialist. More…

Alex Nevels

boundless explorer

Alex’s skillset is the ideal blend of technical savvy and creativity – a winning combination for Think Up’s e-learning design authority. He’s an expert in stretching learning to the next level and imagining the possibilities from every angle. More…

Kyla Rose

ingenious instigator

Kyla brings to Think Up a love for technology and a need to be in-the-know about “the next best thing”. Kyla’s insatiable curiosity and enthusiasm are a perfect fit for our training support team. More…

Emily Loeber

first impressions orchestrator

Emily is passionate about making the best out of every moment – so it’s no surprise that she is perfectly suited for her supportive role in Core Services. More…

Morgan Reynolds

cultivated creator

A graphic designer by trade, and a “people person” by heart, Morgan’s contagious enthusiasm and dedication to creating engaging and unexpected designs for our clients is apparent in every project he touches.

Meg Barnes

coordination connoisseur

It takes a certain kind of person with a special skill-set to manage the busy schedule of our Creator of WOW, but Meg accomplishes it with ease and style to spare.



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